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Name Date School Tags
Brandon Copeland 6/3/2024 University of Pennsylvania
Shakeel Rashad 6/3/2024 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Danielle Tate 6/4/2024 The University of Alabama
Landon Turner 6/4/2024 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Evan Jackson 6/4/2024 University of Pennsylvania
Kyle McMahon 6/4/2024 Purdue University
darrius jackson 6/4/2024 University of North Alabama
Sofia Check 6/4/2024 Penn State University
Zoe Schweitzer 6/4/2024 The Ohio State University
Jay Avery 6/4/2024 University of Houston
Bradford Blackmon 6/4/2024 University of Pennsylvania
Ronald Marshall 6/4/2024 Auburn University
Javontee Herndon 6/4/2024 University of Arkansas
John Ferranto 6/4/2024 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dev Sethi 6/4/2024 University of Notre Dame
Dev Sethi 6/4/2024 University of Notre Dame
Amita Lonial 6/4/2024 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Keith Mixon 6/4/2024 Mississippi State University
Ritu Sethi 6/4/2024 University of Colorado Boulder
Will Harrell 6/4/2024 University of Georgia
Savannah Schoenherr 6/4/2024 Louisiana State University
Maurice Smitherman 6/4/2024 Mississippi State University
Lucas Crowley 6/4/2024 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Tom Marich 6/4/2024 Hofstra University
Conor fry 6/5/2024 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Melva Tate 6/5/2024 The University of Alabama
Mitchell Evans 6/5/2024 University of Notre Dame
Slane Glover 6/6/2024 The Ohio State University
Ethan Hanna 6/6/2024 University of Connecticut
Jasmine Maietta 6/6/2024 N/a
Nia Lowery 6/17/2024 University of Washington
Cookie Baugh 6/20/2024 Michigan State University
Abby Paulson 6/23/2024 The University of Utah
Alyssa Andrews 6/23/2024 Wake Forest University
Sedona Prince 6/23/2024 Texas Christian University
Kenadee Coyle 6/23/2024 Western Kentucky University
Naji Elder 6/23/2024 Santa Clara University
Miranda Freedman 6/23/2024 The Ohio State University
Mikayla Brown 6/23/2024 Northern Illinois University
Gianna Bullock 6/23/2024 University of Oregon
Marisa Snee 6/23/2024 University of Richmond
Khalen Curry 6/23/2024 University of California, Berkeley
Christopher Chuparkoff 6/23/2024 University of Michigan
Danielle Vuletich 6/23/2024 Robert Morris University
Riley Nuttall 6/23/2024 Lamar University

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