For years, athletes have been rated, ranked and critiqued publicly in the name of competition. You work hard, you dedicate every ounce of your energy to your sport and sometimes it can seem like everyone has an opinion.

It’s time for you to voice your opinion. is asking for you to rate and review your school. From the facilities, to the medical staff, to the strength & conditioning staff and more. This survey takes most athletes less than 5 minutes to complete – if you’re a slow typer.

While your identity will remain anonymous, the results of these rankings will be used to:

  • Give transparency to other athletes as they make decisions about entering the transfer portal.
  • Help young athletes and their parents make the best decision for themselves and their families on where to commit to playing college sports.
  • Give the athletes’ perspective to their schools and the world. your candid feedback on areas their schools could improve their athletic experience.Restaurants, hotels, professors, Uber drivers and Airbnb homes are rated and reviewed, and while those decisions are big ones, they’re arguably not as pivotal as choosing the right school. We appreciate your time and feedback as not only is this likely one of the first times anyone has asked you for your opinion on these types of matters, but you are also helping a younger version of you make informed decisions.

Let’s win together!

We Impact Athletes To Impact The World.
The AO Team

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