By collaborating with (AO), you are presented with a unique opportunity to Impact Athletes To Impact The World. Your expertise can empower these athletes to navigate their collegiate careers and beyond, translating to positive global impact. If you’re passionate about shaping the future of sports and its societal implications, we invite you to submit your details for review.

The team and our esteemed Advisory Council will carefully assess your application to ensure a synergistic partnership.

Before applying to collaborate with, please carefully review our guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory to ensure a consistent and impactful partnership.

  1. No civil, criminal or regulatory history related to fraud.
  2. No pending customer complaints or litigation at the time of application.
  3. Must not maintain custody of player funds unless deemed a qualified custodian.
  4. No pending professional review actions by any oversight board having authority over any licensed professional, and no history of such professional review actions or suspension of licensure.

Furthermore, when you join the AO legal expert network – you are agreeing to:

  • Complete the AO Service Provider intake form to become a registered provider in our directory.
  • For each matter you agree to work on for an AO member athlete, provide up to 5 hours of pro bono legal services to the relevant AO member athlete.
  • For each matter you agree to work on for an AO member athlete, discuss and provide transparent pricing in your initial consultation so that any AO member athlete going above the 5 hour pro bono allotment is fully aware of the potential per hour/flat fee they could be charged for the matter.
  • For each matter you agree to work on for an AO member athlete, you will provide a 10% standard discount on hourly rates or flat fees for AO members who engage in a paid relationship with the firm after using their 5 pro bono hours.
  • AO will have the right to request random invoice audits on behalf of the AO member athletes to ensure that discounts on rates are being provided. This request will happen with consent from the respective AO members, and subject to any applicable attorney-client privilege or other doctrine applicable to legal work product.
  • Execute a trademark license and usage agreement to allow AO to utilize your/your firm’s name and logo on its platform, website and in mutually beneficial conversations.


  • You will have the opportunity to complete a conflict check (within 72 hours of inquiry) to determine whether you can take on the AO member athlete as a client or not. When there is a conflict – you will inform the AO Member Athlete immediately, encouraging them to revisit AO to find an expert who can fulfill their inquiry/request.
  • Completing the intake form hyperlinked at the top of the email does NOT equate to approval. Each professional will go through a verification process, and acceptance into the expert network is at the sole discretion of AO.
  • This form should not be widely distributed. The intake form should only be sent to professionals within your network and firm who are committed to supporting the development of athletes and AO members by providing pro bono legal expertise prior to engaging in a paid relationship.

It is imperative that you understand all of the Regulations before signing and submitting your application to Please note that by filling out this form, you acknowledge and express your genuine interest in joining the expert network with the shared goal of actively contributing to the removal of bad actors within the sports community. Together, we will Impact Athletes To Impact The World.

Legal Firm Certification Form